help with fixing a hard drive

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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help with fixing a hard drive

#1 Post by keefer2k4 » 23 Mar 2013, 04:19

hello i have a 500gb hard drive on my desktop with windows 7 and formatted as ntfs..I wiped it with boot ice i was tryng to fix a thumb drive and accidently hit the hard drive...if i use test disk i can see all the files and folders...I want to be able to fix the hard drive so that it is just the same as it was..i saw i can take an image of the hard drive...can i either flash that to a new hard drive or back it up and repair the hard drive that is in there now...or am i only stuck with just recovering the data...this is my brothers computer and he has stuff for his business on it and i really need to fix this please can you help me with this?? I would be eternelly grateful. I want to be able to boot it up like nothing ever happened

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