Trying to boot back into windows 7

Using TestDisk to repair the filesystem
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Trying to boot back into windows 7

#1 Post by Lambur2007 »

Just a quick background. I originally had Windows 7 installed on two raided hdds. I wanted to play with Ubuntu, so I installed them side by side. Pretty normal thing. Well being new to Ubuntu, I wasn't thinking and deleted Ubuntu and well all the partitions that were installed by Ubuntu that contained grub my boot tables. I know, pretty stupid to just go and delete stuff with gParted without understanding its purpose first.

Well so my quest begins, but I need some advise. Instead of trying to recover grub or Ubuntu, I wanting to just recover my Windows 7 partition. I was playing with TestDisk, because it was recommended by a lot of people, and found my working Windows partition after doing a deep search of my hdds. But, I ran into some questions that were bugging me:
1) If I write the windows partition, what else do I need to just boot back into Windows? Sounds silly, but as I was reading through the TestDisk material and was a little lost. Can I just get away with writing the old partition, then using the TeskDisk to write new a new mbr for the recovered partition?

2) Also, what exactly is the 'dev/mapper'? And should I be searching my hdds, at its root.