Partition error

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Partition error

#1 Post by KQMan »

Hello, and thx reading my topic (I'm french so sorry in advance for my bad english..)

I had an external HD, but the usb plug was damaged after a fall. So I bought a new box and removed the hd from the damaged one to pout int the new one, but impossible to find my data back (several years of my kids pictures...)

Now, I can see my disk and the partition in Windows (disk management) but when I use, Testdisk it say to me : partition error..

so the disk is found, but not the partition

and a quick search make the log file getting bigger and bigger, because all turn to be read errors...

If someone explain to me how to put pictures on a topic, I should show you some printscreens...

My disk is a seagate 1To, now in a kubik box

Thx for your answers


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Re: Partition error

#2 Post by Fiona »

Would it be possible that your disk was encrypted?
Especially external WD disks have often ncryption key chip in it's enclosure.
Not even the user noticed the encryption.
Example: ... pted#p1058
If your disk was hardware encrypted, then testdisk will not find any standard partition like Intel.


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Re: Partition error

#3 Post by KQMan »

Hi, fiona, and thx for your answer

I do not have the shell any more, I threw it in the trash can after I removed the HD, so I cannot look at it and tell there was a chip on the printed circuit board ...

And I never encrypted anything on it, I mean willingly ...

I've run GetdataBack for NTFS, but it don't recognize my HD... and it asked me to run GetDataBack for Fat 32, even if windowd say in disk management that I have a NTFS HD...

So I did, and it has been running for the last 15 hours, and for nearly 5 hours more...

I'd like to give you some pictures, but I don't now how to hosted it... because I have it on my computer, but you have to wrtite a http: // when using [img] flags