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Posted: 25 May 2013, 02:09
by L41N
hi there,

i accidentally formatted my external HD witch had one HFS partition with all my files to NTFS...i know the files are all there but i do not know what to do exactly...i also don't understand fully how to use testdisk or photorec but it seems it could do the trick on putting everything back as it was or at least recover all the files organized as they were.

i also have this problem with testdisk that i didn't have before witch is it does not detect any disks not even the internal HD of my mac and asks me to start it as root user so it can show the disks. i have already enable root user but it didn't make any difference. i don't understand why this is happening now because i have started testdisk before and it use to show me all the disks available.

Thanks in advance.