NTFS quick formatted over NTFS

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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NTFS quick formatted over NTFS

#1 Post by mosgo2 »

Hey people,

I'm desperate and was wondering if anyone can offer some advice. Recently I used gparted to shrink my Widnows 7 partition to install XP on a smaller, temporary partition. During the XP install, I accidentally quick formatted my 7 partition, losing my entire OS along with all my data :(

I have read some documentation on testdisk and was lead to "Recovery of reformatted partition" at http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/Data_Recovery_Examples
It states that this is for "If the partition has been reformatted to another file system (FAT32 formatted as NTFS or vice-versa),"
As the previous partition(the one I lost) was NTFS for Windows 7, and it's been re-formatted as an NTFS again, I assume that this recovery example is not suited to my case, as opposed to it having been formatted to another file system.
I'm now wondering if anyone could please tell me whether testdisk is going to be of any use to me in this case and/or if anyone has any advice on how I should go about getting my data back?
I've run a scan in demo mode of GetData's "Recover my files v5" and it's found the partition, with directory structure and files intact.

Any advice appreciated, thanks in advance! :)