Testdisk RepairMFT broke my filesystem

Using TestDisk to repair the filesystem
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Testdisk RepairMFT broke my filesystem

#1 Post by pakkers »

Hi, I want to tell you my problem (I don't speak english very well)

I've Acer Aspire with a HD 500 Gb and some partitions.

- Partition Restore 15 Gb (manufacture's partition)
- Partition Windows Loader 100 Mb (Boot partition for windows)
- Partition Windows 7 430 Gb partition
- Partition Extended
- Partition Logic Linux 30 Gb
- Partition Logic swap memory

My problem started when I tried install other Linux distribution and I made
a mistake delete Windows Loader Partition. In that moment, Windows 7 didn't
ran and I tested some things:

- from windows cd restore I tried to recover MBR and don't worked.
- from Manufacture's partition restore I made a backup my data and tried to
fix it ... and don't worked (backup it was ok, but win 7 didn't ran).
- from linux I ran ms-sys to recover MBR and didn't worked
- from linux I tried testdisk to recover MBR and didn't worked.
- I tried to install MBR in partition Windows 7 and ran my laptop from this
partition and don't worked

Next step, finally broke my file system. I was desesperate and use other
time Testdisk. I used RepairMFT option over Windows 7 partition and in that
moment I can't view my files and folders. Only view a few files and folders
but I can't recognize them.

How can I recover/restore my MFT original?

I have some ideas but I'm afraid to use any of them

- Windows Cd Restore y test chkdsk /R /f
or chkdsk <letter of partition windows 7> /R /f
- Testdisk and use other time RepairMFT
- Use ntfsprogs from linux
- Use Testdisk (windows version) and test. For this option I would need
install Windows 7 Operating System functional within a USB. I know that
you can make this with Windows 8 and Windows to Go but I don't how do it.

As you see, it's some complex and I'm lost. I appreciate your help
because I read a lot of forums and solutions and I don't see one solutions
who works fine to fix my problem at 100%

Thank you very much for your attention