WD HDD, Dynamic offline, No idea what to do

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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WD HDD, Dynamic offline, No idea what to do

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My WD 1 TB HDD died like a week ago. I am using my old HDD as backup.

Info about my problem:

WD HDD is plugged in into an external hub device or whatebs its called
Windows (xp 32bit) Disk Management says this HDD is Dynamic and Offline
If I rightclick and try to reactivate it, Disk Management will stop responding, 2 out of 3 partitions will appear in MyComputer but when I try to open them it stops responding, have to restart PC

I downloaded TestDisk after reading about it, checked some guides on how to use it. But I am damn clueless still.

I have 3 partitions on this WD HDD, 2 of them are totally fine, but C: (windows 7 boot partition) is dead.

When I use Deeper Search it says:

check_FAT: can't read FAT boot sector
invalod FAT boot sector

The rest of Deeper Search is still going as I write, but it should go down fine.

My question is, how do I recover everything so I can continue using this HDD?

If I cant, how do I save data from it?

PLEASE, DO NOT link any guides, they are not going to help.

Thanks in advance.