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Recovered large PDFs

Posted: 29 Jul 2013, 15:26
by Curveball
After reinstalling a PC I found out I had not backed up a large amount of scanned items. These PDFs were lost so I tried restoring them using PhotoRec. A lot of files were found and recovered, unfortunately some of them have abnormally large file sizes of well over 1GB, with the absolute winner a 62GB PDF. It didn't take long for the program to fill my HDD and I had to stop the restore.

Is there anything I can do to prevent these files from becoming so big or prevent them from being copied?


Re: Recovered large PDFs

Posted: 12 Aug 2013, 15:22
by cgrenier
Some pdf files don't store their filesize in the header, so PhotoRec stops the recovery of the pdf when another file is detected. This problem shouldn't be too important if you don't disable other filetype in FileOpts.