Win 8 partition recovery

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Win 8 partition recovery

#1 Post by MosesCM »

Hello all I am trying to recover my hard drive on my new ASUS laptop, I was
installing a program when the hard drive locked on me after reboot. After
trying some of the various fixes on line to no effect, I realized the the
partitions had been deleted. After checking with TEST DISK all partition were
still there just deleted. And of course since i just got computer, no system
image :( ... I am used to being able to boot into safe mode to recover
anything i need, or just reinstall OS from factory disk, which since Win 8 bites
does not exist.

So my question is what are supposed to be the setting for the partitions?

Which one is supposed to boot? what are the other partition setting, there were
5 partitions:

1: UEFI i think this one is supposed to be the boot ?? not sure

2: recovery ...primary, logical... no idea.. this is the 600mb partition the
the Win recovery system used, ithink

3: OS this is C: drive where win 8 is... should this be primary ??

4: data nothing in this yet

5: recovery 20Gb partition used for complete system reinstall? no idea

Is it possible to restore any of the recovery partitions? no real important data
saved on computer so if I can get it to reinstall from one of the recovery
partitions that is fine.

Please help, any and all suggestion are appreciated.

Also is it possible to get the partition header files? IF i could look at thoes.. I will post thoes ... maybe something can be figured out from them...

thanks Moses