How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Hi i was wondering if anyone can give some advice, my mate brought his Xbox over cause it kept freezing, I replaced his 60gb hard drive with a spare 20gb I had laying around, and to swap the data I used a sata 80gb drive which was formatted as 1 partition fat32 and with a Xbox space of 16gb I think, which I place in a caddy, and use xbox to create space to use for game files and the like, so I've moved his data from the 60 to the 80, then From the 80 to the 20 using transfer content, loaded his profile, loaded forza 4, all his cars were there, and available to use, so the next day he came over and I said upgrade to Xbox live so we can play our profiles against one another, he's upgraded, and gone to play forza 4, and his cars are gone, the save file is still there along with several others which were all under his old name and have his new gamertag in place under owner, all except one, which has the data on which cars were in his garage, I'm currently trying to restore the partition I used to copy his file from the 60 to the 20, and If I can restore his profile and game, along with his sons profile, tried to the right thing and now their cars won't load, where as I tested both their profiles in the game the day before and they loaded fine, however I can't be sure but I may have updated the Xbox aswell, any advice would be hugely appreciated
HardDrive CADDY
HardDrive CADDY
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