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SD Card accidentally formatted

Posted: 22 Aug 2013, 12:27
by gipsyfy
Hi there,

first let me say that you're really doing great work here. Unfortuenately now it's my turn to ask a question.

Because I hadn't had a usb drive I used my SD card from the camera with all its data on it to print a file in a shop. The guy in the shop didn't use the Save-Deconnect-Function and the card told me later that it should be reformatted.

But to make things worse, the first google hit to recover files was recuva and recuva only detect drives if there are formatted, so I thought I had to format it and I did. Now the problem is, that the card contain .mov-files which are difficult to restore because they are fragmented and the header is always at another place. I was playing around with some MOV-Reapir Tools, but it was really difficult and all the data is mixed up. So my question is, is it possible to restore the old FAT32-Table to access my MOV files easily? I already gave testdisk a try but it didn't work so far.

Thank you very much,

Re: SD Card accidentally formatted

Posted: 23 Aug 2013, 07:34
by Fiona
TestDisk companion PhotoRec might be able to recover your files?
Can you test it?
Some info;

If you format a drive, disk, thumb etc.. you'll overwrite your file system.
So you'll need datarecovery software like PhotoRec or commercial software.

Re: SD Card accidentally formatted

Posted: 28 Aug 2013, 19:09
by johnmayer
First, stop using your drive because it may overwrite your files. As suggested above, I used this software to get back files from SD card. But for some reason it didn’t work for me. Then I found on “Remo recover” on internet and it worked as per my satisfaction. Just try it.