How long for Analysis and what are read errors?

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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How long for Analysis and what are read errors?

#1 Post by Frazel »


Thanks for creating this utility and making it available for download.

I have a 2Tb USB HDD that windows no longer recognises (tried in a range of WinXP machines both installed internally (SCSI) and in USB enclosure without success. Always same outcome. The drive appears (with serial number) in Computer Management/System Tools/Device Manager/Disk Drives but does not appear in Computer Management/Storage/Disk Management.

I have downloaded and am running TestDisk. It has recognised my external USB hard drive with correct size which looks promising. However, when I get to window "Should TestDisk search for...Vista...." the keyboard does not work so I can not write the required Y or N (up until this screen keyboard works fine). I have rebooted and retried several times using different keyboards (both USB and non USB). Any suggestions?

The screen has now changed on the machine that I am running testdisk on. Currently showing:

Analyse cylinder 122 / 30399 : 00%

Read error at 121 / 1 / 1

After watching it for a while I noticed that every Analyse cylinder number produces a corresponding read error on the next line.

Shall I just leave it running for a few days?

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Re: How long for Analysis and what are read errors?

#2 Post by Fiona »

Might be advisable to avoid stressing HDD.
Some manufacturer of external disks using hardware encryption.
Info; ... pted#p1058
Please check it.
Shall I just leave it running for a few days?
No, currently it's not advisable to stress your disk as much.
Otherwise it's depend on how many read errors you receive?
If there only a few, you can consider to create an image or clone to another intact disk.