File Recovery

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Re: File Recovery

#11 Post by khairun »

Your partition values don't match.
L FAT32 LBA 0 1 2 121600 254 62 1953520000 [SPRITES]
The values 2 and 62 are not Intel standard.
I can say the original disk belong to MACINTOSH user and they doing back and forth with windows user. I don't know and they can not tell the original format either... any suggestion before I follow your instruction above?
I meant should I analyses using HFS/MAC file format...??

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Re: File Recovery

#12 Post by Fiona »

There is no necessity to use an Apple.
HFS+ ist another file system and doesn't help as much.
Your partition is a FAT32-partition
In this case if you've seen your data, easily recover your partition and let me know.
It's probably an explanation, why geometry doesn't match exactly.
But after recovering of your partition, a Backup would be very important.


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Re: File Recovery

#13 Post by khairun »

Fona, thanks for your suggestion and help, I will try to copy the data as possible.. as it would be better than nothing...

Meanwhile can you please clarify your explanation
If you'd like to recover your partition.
Only if you were able to list your data!
Yes I can list my data but I found some of them is not readable and it was saying
"Can't open filesystem. Filesystem seems damaged"
So do you think I would be able to get all the files without missing any?

Thank you Fiona...

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Re: File Recovery

#14 Post by khairun »

Hi Fiona and team,

I just got similar case with my friend hard drive. This time it was NTFS format and got mounted to OSX.
But somehow, maybe unproper eject to the mounted drive it was breaking the format.
When I plug to the windows machine it didnt recognize the format, but since that I know for sure it was NTFS, I forced to do check disk and fix (chkdsk /F)
And suddenly all the files is come back.
Is there any way that I can see if the previous drive that I'm still having problem on this thread is NTFS so I can try to use check disk and fix command? It is safe to do?