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File is listed under 'Analyse', but not under 'Undelete'

Posted: 07 Apr 2012, 01:05
by glenh2oman
I'm trying to recover a particular .jpg that was deleted in-camera (Canon A540) off of an SD card. I can find the correct folder with the correct contents by using the 'Analyse' command (Analyse -> 'p' to list files), but the file I need is listed in red text. When I try to use the 'Undelete' option (by going 'Advanced -> Type -> Fat16 -> Undelete), it reports 'No file found, filesystem may be damaged. I believe I'm doing this correctly ('Get Info' reports that the disk is FAT16 formatted, so I think that is the right option to choose), but I don't understand why the file is located under Analyse and can't be found under Undelete. Can anyone offer guidance or suggestions? I'm fairly capable with a Mac, but I don't profess to have much knowledge at all of the intricacies of Unix... my command line skills generally top out at making the Mac talk. Thank you in advance!

Re: File is listed under 'Analyse', but not under 'Undelete'

Posted: 07 Apr 2012, 08:13
by Fiona
Would it be possible to compare values under Analyse / Quick Search and the menu Advanced?

Analyse displayes your current partition table or current partition structur (as described on the screen but both the same).
If you confirm at Quick Search, TestDisk displayes first results.
The result of Quick Search can differ to the values of the menu Advanced.
Please compare the values from your partition in both menus.
FAT16 is limited to 2 GB.