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Recover partition table in truecrypt

Posted: 03 Dec 2013, 07:48
by greenelephant
Hello Everyone

I cannot yet write threads or topics in truecrypt forum so I have come here.

I have a truecrypt encrypted volume (covers my entire HDD). I have a backup of the volume headers to mount my NTFS partition if I ever encounter a corrupted truecrypt header in my HDD

I am writing to you to ask is there anyway I can create a backup of my NTFS partition table/boot sector/volume bitmap belonging to my NTFS partition,which in turn is inside my truecrypt volume. I have encountered numerous scenarios now where the truecrypt volume headers are not the problem but the NTFS partition. Even though this does not necessary result in data loss, it does however create setbacks where I hve to manaully recover all files onto another hard drive then reformat my HDD and then place the files back gain onto the original HDD.

What is getting to me now is that this problem is repeating itself time and time again. If anyone knows how to create backups of NTFS partition/boot/volume bitmap plus compatible software needed to instigate this task I would be very grateful

thanks :D