file recovery of mp4 file

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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file recovery of mp4 file

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I use Linux Ubuntu and I just deleted TWO video files by mistake. They are mp4 files that I created using Kdenlive software. I just accidentally deleted them using the delete feature of Linux -- not the "send to trash" feature. So I thought I'd use PhotoRec 6.14 to get them back. I notice in file options there is no extension for mp4 files. When I go to the online Photorec documentation for file types recovered and click on the link to mp4 file type source code it takes me to the mov file type code. Fidentify recognizes the file, however, and reports it as an mp4 file. It is a 1.5 TB WD Elements external HDD formated as whole disk NTFS. The estimated time is reported as 11 hours. I wouldn't want to run PhotoRec this long and not find the files. Should I create a custom signature file?

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