NO partition all

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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NO partition all

#1 Post by paul » 10 Dec 2013, 19:47

I lost my DEll XPS401 recently and tried everything possible to recover data on the HD (Seagate 1Tb).
I found "testdisk" and ran the dead drive through it many times always ending up with "no partition". The next option I see is to "Add partition" (type "A"), which is where I am now....but this is way above my paygrade and I have really NO clue what to enter in the various cylinder, head, etc..
Can somebody HELP French or English , either is fine.
Thanks a lot!!

The drive is out, connected to another computer through a USB adapter. I can hear it work fine...

I tried to cc/paste (prt screen) but it doesn't work (I'm really above my depth apparently :-() but the screen shows exactly:
Drive J: - 1000GB / 931 GiB CHS 15200 255 63 244188000
No partition 0 0 1 15199 254 63

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