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NSTF to FAT32 Undo Partition

Posted: 27 Dec 2013, 06:23
by chetiamdaone
Hello I am not an expert.

I have an external HD with Files/Pictures/Documents stored. It was originally in NTSF and had 1TB of storage. I wanted to allocate 30GB to use with my XBOX. I used the Windows Disk Management tool to Shrink the Volume by 30GB. Then I assigned the new 30GB a new drive letter and created it as a FAT32 partition. All went well and my computer showed both the 30GB FAT32 and the 970GB NTSF. All the files and documents were still accessible. When I plugged the external HD to my xbox it recognized the allocated 30GB FAT32 and I was able to save games on it. The problem began when I Plugged it back to my computer. The NTSF was no longer visible and all the storage was assigned to FAT32. Also when I click on it it shows a hidden folder called XBOX but other than that there is nothing there. I can recover all my documents and photos via a data recovery program but they wouldn't be organized the way I had them. Is there a way to unformat it so I can keep everything the way it was? I don't care about losing my XBOX information