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Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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1,5 TB - only txt-files?!

#1 Post by patchworker »

Hi guys,
I just run photoRec for three days on my 1,5TB-HDD, 'cause I just deleted several GB of pictures.
Why? I just turned form WIN to MAC and did not know, that MAC kills the old folder to replace it with the new. WIN only replaces the same-named files and hold all the other files, so that only the new files are additionally copied.

Result of photoRec: 22000 txt-files, only 12 jpgs. Does this mean, all the other jpgs are lost? Or are they somewhere in the txt-files. If so, how do I get the jpgs?

I am looking forward to your answers!
thx and cheers,

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Re: 1,5 TB - only txt-files?!

#2 Post by cgrenier »

Rerun a file recovery using PhotoRec but disable txt file family in FileOpt.
Do you get better results ?
What is the filesystem type used to stored your files ? HFS+ (Mac OS X) ?

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Re: 1,5 TB - only txt-files?!

#3 Post by patchworker »

Thx for your help!
filesystem was FAT. i wanted to use it on both systems.
I "solved" it now. It just restarted my old windows-machine with a freeware of recuva and it recovered 15000 jpgs. Together with my DVDs from former years that was enough for me :)

After this experience with photorec I cannot recommend it :(
recuva was much(!) faster (1 vs. 3 days) and recovered more jpgs (15000 vs 12).
But nevetheless: thanks again for your time!