PhotoRec does not recognize my external HDD

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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PhotoRec does not recognize my external HDD

#1 Post by Peppe »

Hello everybody and thank you for the excellent work of support you offer.

I do not know if this is the right section for my problem.

During a reinstallation of my OS (Chakra Linux), I accidentally formatted the Home partition.

I would like to recover the data, whereas by the time I realized the error I have not used my netbook, so there should not be ovewriting.

I've tried using PhotoRec, as part of the package Parted Magic, but (maybe I'm incapable) it does not recognize the external HDD (TrekStore Data Station - 1 Tb) on which I would like to transfer the data.

What do you advise me to do?

Please Help!

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Re: PhotoRec does not recognize my external HDD

#2 Post by buddha12708 »

I'm a little confused, but it sounds as if you have formatted your internal HD, and the computer won't recognize your external HD.
When you boot up, there is a BIOS check done, so you see all of the computer components. You should also see a 'F10 for setup' message. Push F10. When it opens, use the cursor keys to advance from screen to screen. One of those should show you the HD's in the computer. Another should allow you to change the bootup order. The options will be floppy disk, CD Rom, and Hard Drives. You should make Floppy first, CD Rom second, and Hard Drive first. If you can see the external hard drive here, put it ahead of the onboard drive.
Now you need a bootable floppy to run your computer while you access your recovery software, possibly from a USB drive, and recover your partition files.
If you don't have a bootable CD, install an OS on the external and use that to run your computer and make your repairs.
When you are done, you should go back to the boot order, and remove the external drive as a choice. Make an emergency boot disk for sure and put it where you can't help but find it later.
If this doesn't make sense to you, take it to someone even if you have to pay.