I lost my 14TB Raid 5 HDDs.

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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I lost my 14TB Raid 5 HDDs.

#1 Post by kornkjy » 18 Jan 2014, 08:06

Hi, Guys.

First of all. I am Korean. So I'm not good at English and sorry about it.

I'm really sad 'casue I've lost my 14TB which are like my heart.

I was using 5*4TB HDD by RAID5 except 128GB SSD using windows 8 on ASUS Mainboard H87I-PLUS

Recently I've updated my Mainboard's firware. It was the extremly bad work in my whole life.

The windows 8 couldn't find my raid5. I recognized that Mainboard's SATA setting has changed AHCI mode later.

And then I've rechanged it to RAID mode but 2 HDDs of the 5 were not RAID5 members.

I found how to solve it by googling. So I changed 3 members HDDs to not members in BIOS Raid setting.

And I reset all of my hdd to Raid 5 member like same setting before.

But, The windows 8 counldn't find, too.

My HDDs were used in xpenology, so all partition was ext4.

I used TESTDISK on ubuntu on Hyper-V.

selected Intel Raid 5 Volume

selected automaticly EFI GPT

selected Analyse

After Qucik seach, I found it.
Structure was bad. and 1st MS Data was 2549MB. (I don't know why partition was not ext4 but MS Data)

2nd was 2546MB.

3nd was 15TB

Structure was bad. so I couldn't WRITE it.

And then, I selected NONE

selected Analyse

selected Quick search

Now I found 3 ext4!. Every partition is same space MS data.



I press P (list files) on 1st partition.
The result was very shocking.

2nd and 3rd Partition were the same.

And selected Enter (to continue)
I couldn't write. Because I selected "None"

And I've use "Deeper search". But It takes 22days!. So I stopped it.

How can I recover my partitions?

Any helps could help me......

Please help. Thank you for reading my so many words.

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