The following partitions can't be recovered

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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The following partitions can't be recovered

#1 Post by ctrlaltmat »

Hi all, please have a look at the attached screenshot, I have a 3TB HDD that went RAW, I used testdisk and here's what are the results of the "Quick Search". I now have several questions:

1) What does "The harddisk (3000 GB / 2794 GB) seems too small" means?

2) What does "The following partitions can't be recovered" means?

3) Which one should I choose before hitting "Continue" because several "partitions" listed shows a size of 3000 GB / 2794 GB? In the attached screenshot, I currently highlighted the first 3000 GB partition that testdisk found... am I right doing so?

4) Once I choose "Continue", will I be able of listing the files found prior to "Write" the changes?

5) And what about the label "MS Data", does it mean it's NTFS?

Thank you all for your time and support,

testdisk screenshot
testdisk screenshot
Screenshot from 2014-01-27 21 05 42.png (81.71 KiB) Viewed 2136 times

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Re: The following partitions can't be recovered

#2 Post by lorn10 »

Hi ctrlaltmat

Check out my following post, - it might help you. ;) ... tml#p11015