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How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Re: Recovering 1 nonbootable NTFS-Partition

#11 Post by Arran »

Returning to this topic and closing.

I managed to reinstall XP and Paragon and PCInspector. There was no chance to recover the partition. I have consequently reformated that partition and will fill it with the saved ones. So I am now obliged to look through each recovered file. What I am doing now is to check each folder @ 500 files and separate them onto the newly formated partion called grafik» according to their suffix. Once this is done, I can start to rebuild the structures and give the pics the correct names, respectively I might start to use a tagging system. Not sure yet, to avoid having to rename each picture. I think for this Digikam is the best application in KDE? As I practically never deleted pics I do not want, I have now a wonderful possibility to resize my collection.

Let me thank you again for your valuable help and for your patience.

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Re: not achieved: Recovering 1 NTFS-Partition

#12 Post by Fiona »

If you want to rename and sort pictures, you can have a look to irfan view.
You can create a batch convert/rename to sort your files.
Unfortunately in your case, I was only be able to diagnose your disk and didn't found any file.
That's why datarecovery software was necessary.
I'll set your topic as solved!