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USB Flash Drive Partition Recovery

Posted: 17 Feb 2014, 02:44
by RShea
I have a USB 16 GB flash drive that Windows reports is not formatted when it is inserted in the system. I have used the Test Disk software to look at the drive and it reports Partition Sector doesn't have the endmark 0xAA55. I have also a 2nd same model and brand flash drive that is able to be read and should have the same file structure to compare.

I'd like to get the first drive that reports unformatted so it has the correct partition information so I then can see if any of the data that was saved on the drive can be recovered. I have tried a few different recovery packages and none are getting as far as your Test Disk.

I have searched and found at least one thread where help was attempted to be offered for the 0xAA55 message on here: ... -t462.html

I will include screen shots of the first unreadable drive analyse shows the drive is only 64 mb (and should be 16 gb)and then a second of the drive that has the correct readable partition information. CHS 1946 255 63 (sector 512) Fat 32 Block size is showing as 16384

1st screen of Analyse results (with different if None is selected instead of Intel)


When I scan the 2nd drive I get the following:


Thank you in advance.

Re: USB Flash Drive Partition Recovery

Posted: 08 Mar 2014, 02:27
by RShea
Not sure why the images I uploaded are not viewable but here are 2 links to the screen shots:

Bad USB Drive: ... 20Part.jpg

Good USB Drive: ... 20Part.jpg

Anyone have suggestions to recreate the correct partition on the corrupted drive with TestDisk?