cyclical and read error - recovering directory structure

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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cyclical and read error - recovering directory structure

#1 Post by splreece »

Evening all,

This is probably a common query as I have found a couple of responses but the solutions given I can't do as my drive is suffering from cyclical i/o error so i cant run testdisk or other programs without the drive crashing windows environment.

Currently I am able to recover files through photorec which I must thank you for, this is a fantastic program.

Is it possible to recover directory structures using just photorec. I am recovering around 300gb of data and currently at 400,000 files and about 10% of the way through..most files I will be deleting though.

Or has anyone had success with crc read/write error harddrives and keeping directory structures.

a greatful newbee


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Re: cyclical and read error - recovering directory structure

#2 Post by cgrenier »

Your disk has bad sectors. The best is to clone it to a new empty disk with gnu ddrescue
Once it's done, try TestDisk on the disk or any other disk utility. You may be able to recover the file structure.