Can't unmount hard drive?!

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Can't unmount hard drive?!

#1 Post by tonyterence »

I'm trying to recover two lost partitions and have successfully managed the first one. The second one contain (among lots of other things) a bootable .dmg file that was also successfully recovered and it is this "disk" that now shows up when I boot the hard drive.
BUT, I want to do another search with TestDisk to find the other files still not the hard drive but for some reason I can't unmount the hard drive (which I have to do to run TestDisk properly)! Disk utility keeps giving me an error message and refuses to unmount the drive.
I have installed "whats keeping me" and can find no process running on the drive. I have tried several force eject/unmount commands in terminal, I have tried re starting the computer and so on. Nothing seems to help and this is driving me crazy! Please, can someone help me?

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