Undelete files from VMFS

Using TestDisk to undelete files
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Undelete files from VMFS

#1 Post by daveloper »

I've a 2TB partition formatted with ESXi as VMFS 5 and one of my stuffs accidentally removed all of my VM files from it.
I tried Disk Internals VMFS recovery and it founds some files from it but not all of them, specially snapshot files.
Now I'm trying PhotoRec to see if it's possible to recover my lost files.
Is there any way is to undelete them using TestDisk?

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Re: Undelete files from VMFS

#2 Post by cgrenier »

TestDisk will not work in your case. What have been the results with PhotoRec ?

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Re: Undelete files from VMFS

#3 Post by muratakpinar7 »


I have same problem. When I use Qphotorec_win, it is finding VMDK file. However, this vmdk file's has wrong partition ID. ESXi 5 use real partition. When I look recovered vmdk file, I see different partition type. Qphotorec finds vmdk file. But I think it use wrong INODE table.

I know my deleted vmdk file sectors. However, I cannot see INODE table. I cannot see recover whole file. My deleted file size is 2 TB. Qphotorec finds correct file size. But wrong file content.

Please review my attachment. If you help us, we will glad to you. Thanks for everything. Testdisk and photorec are great programs.

Best regards.
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