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500 GB internal HDD showing as 2TB and cant recover anything

Posted: 26 Mar 2014, 07:20
by coldlm
My laptops internal HDD (500 GB) stopped working suddenly, (LapTop froze up) so i forced it to shuddown, after that the HDD is not working!

now i dont see any partitions on Testdisk or other programs, also the HDD is 2TB now instead of 500GB which had 5 partitions,

Testdisk gives "Read Error" message when searching for files

When analyzing cylinders, it takes ages, only 89 in 24 hours and 00%!!!
and im facing a similar problem as this guy. ... t3561.html

Any ideas or suggestions are very welcome because i have too many things i need on that HDD, im only interrested on recovery data files not the HDD it self,