Testdisk finds partition, writes, but nothing happens

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Re: Testdisk finds partition, writes, but nothing happens

#11 Post by trozos »

Hello again. When my external hard disk went 'raw', all I wanted
was just restore it like nothing would have happened..

As it contains important information from 3 or 4 hard disk, a labyrinth of folders
with all kind of files.. years of jpg, raw, audio and video creation with project files..
So, from the beginning, it was absolutely necessary to full recover directories, folder and file names.

I saw information about testdisk, and its capacity to recover the partition. Bringing back the partition
seemed a dream, comparing to have to copy with file recovery to a another 1 Tb drive which I didn't have.

It seems I misunderstood testdisk ignoring that bad sectors invalidates its functionality, so I am very sorry
making you lose your time.

To let you know, recuva works, but when it tries to recover files (I suppose) on bad sectors, it just keep
trying in some endless 'cylinder cycle'. Stellar phoenix seems to be really ok, as recuva, it keeps paths and
names, but with bad sector files it goes slowly and recovers them.

I checked a few of those bad sector files as mp3s, jpgs, and nefs..
Jpgs and mp3s seems ok.. I guess if the sectors are bad the files cannot be completely right, so
with raw nef image files on bad sectors I get a non raw image file and a glitch variation.

If stellar doesn't speed up, in a week I will have nearly fully recover the whole content.

nef image example:



thanks for your help