Recovery completed of .mov files but some of them won't play

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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Recovery completed of .mov files but some of them won't play

#1 Post by sandlioncurse »

I have found all of the files I needed on my SD card through Photorec, I'm so grateful for that program.
However, while some works, most of them doesn't want to play at all. Why is that and is there some repair program I could use to fix those that doesn't want to play? (They are about the same size as all the playable files too. The only real difference that I notice directly are that they refuse to play).

I got told to not disable jpg file recovery in the File Opt, so I enabled the jpg file recovery then for another session, but sadly it didn't make any difference on any of the files.

I've uploaded one working file and one that doesn't want to play to my dropbox(they are both from the same recovery session).
Here's the link to the working one: ... C_0464.MOV
and here's the link to the non working one: ...
I know that you can right click and "save the link" to get the files that way.

Please help me, I would be forever grateful!