TestDisk damaged my Disk

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Re: TestDisk damaged my Disk

#11 Post by Fiona »

Sry for your inconvenience.
I've checked your problem to change partition characteristcs and it was possible to reproduce your problem.
Characteristic D for deleted is currently not available.
To work around this issue, if the color of your partition appears as white instead of green, your partition will be not registered into your partition table.
So you can set your first and second partition to the white color.
Your last three partitions, where you'd like to recover, you should set them to P for primary and they should be colored green.
Press enter to proceed.
You can Write them into your partition table.
Also, you can check it, if you get to the testdisk Write menu, only your 3 wanted partitions should appear!
Please test it.

Actually, extended partitions only appear at the Write display.
There was never a necessity to set any extended partition, because testdisk made this autmatically.
Requirement is, a partition characteristic must be L as Logical.
But you shouldn't do that.
Probably you'll get a message like "structure bad"?


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Re: TestDisk damaged my Disk

#12 Post by compacthoco »

Dear Foina;
i want to inform you that i have recovered my 3 partition.
really you are so nice...
i would like to thank you very much for your tool and your replies.

maybe someone asks me how to convert the Disk from Dynamic to basic.
i will give him your tool, but what the type of the partition table he should choose instead of "intel" which make all that problems for me ?

thanks again for kindness

i heard that video and would like you to watch it.