Awww Crikey - What did I do??

Using TestDisk to repair the filesystem
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Awww Crikey - What did I do??

#1 Post by theamandatouch »

hmmm.... as an old friend used to say ...gave it the amanda touch! :roll:
Alright ... so I was trying to be tricky and change my external hdd to file servers (plugged into the wireless router)
I read something and... nek minit ... I'm getting that the ext hdds needs to be formatted...
So anyhow .. I ran the program and analysis (took quite a few hrs - 1.5t x 2 hdd) and now not sure what the heck to do! The program said I had an invalid FAT file structure
The HDD's are plugged into the wireless router so we other pc's without having to have my pc constantly on
I believe they were NTFS as the media plays through the playstation 3

What do I do?

I really don't want to loose pretty much 2.5t of music n movies

Help :shock:

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Re: Awww Crikey - What did I do??

#2 Post by Fiona »

Might be possible to diagnose your boot sector.
But before, I'd need some infos from Analyse (in TestDisk you see a descirption "current partition structur").
It's your current partition table.
If your partition table is ok, you should do a boot sector doagnose.
Infos will follow.