Impossible to Repair this External HDD?!

Using TestDisk to repair the filesystem
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Impossible to Repair this External HDD?!

#1 Post by MichC »

I bought an external WD Hard Disk (1000gb).
It doesn't work. I don't know how to fix it anymore I tryed a lo of different ways. :evil:

My Hdd has RAW filesystem (not unallocated), active, primary partition.
I can't use it so now. I want to pass from Raw to Ntfs

First the PROS and CONS of my hdd:
--NO damages to the hardware!
--ALL the sectors are not damaged!
--Autoplay works!
--Safe Removal works!
--Windows and programs notice the Name and the Size correctly!
--Device Manager says "this device works correctly..."

--Check Disk doesn't work!
--When I go to "Computer" it shows 2 option:
if i press "Format" I do it but after some minutes it says "Impossible to complete the formatting"
if I press "Cancel" it says "the hdd don't contain a recognized filesystem, check that drivers required for the file system are loaded"
--WD official software give me bad results (Impossible to complete quick test and full test)
--I tryed "Low Level Format Tool" and WD's "Write zeros" funtion. The first one crash after some minutes, the second one stops every 5 minutes "Problem with this sector, continue anyway"?

What can I do with check disk? I tryed "Write MBR" and "Boot Sector Recovery" but I didn't have results!

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Re: Impossible to Repair this External HDD?!

#2 Post by Vissel »

you need to use gparted under linux