Apple OSX HFS+ Volume simple erased

Using TestDisk to repair the filesystem
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Apple OSX HFS+ Volume simple erased

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Greetings, I accidentally simple erased a 1TB Mac drive, and would like to get some files back. I need to recover Pro Tools Session (.pts) files and corresponding .wav audio files. Recovering one without the other is pointless and I need original file names and time stamps if possible. So I'm here asking for help from the pros. I've run photorec and it does find many .pts files (probably all) and many .wav files (probably all), the problem is, it doesn't seem to be referencing any of the old catalog fragment still on disk, or I'm not using it properly. Photorec produces UID named *.pts and UID named .wav files. Is there an option with testdisk or photorec (two brilliant applications) to get my directory structure back before the simple erase or short of that, to get actual file names and time stamps for the .pts and .wav files that are recovered by photorec or testdisk making use of the Catalog and other filesystem fragments left from before the simple erase? Thank you in advance.

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