Data loss recovery after formatting

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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Data loss recovery after formatting

#1 Post by ludz » 26 Jun 2014, 23:04

I run linux mint on a pc.
I use a USB seagate 500GB external drive.

My Mint wasnt running well so i was going to reinstall.
I didnt realise that my external drive was still plugged in and formatted it by mistake (tired / long day).
I have month of work for an important community film project and that's a catastophe.

I found photorec.
I only did recovery once on windows years ago.

What do i need to do it well? (other external drive?)
What s the chance to get at least these photos and videos back? (let alone years of work)

I had a quick go through the root terminal but couldnt really see the folders I m after. hopefully i m lookin in the wrong place.
I think if i understand correctly ,what i did is that i formatted ntfs with linux.

Any (help!!!!) appreciated please

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