Messed Lion partitions while in Windows 7

Using TestDisk to repair the filesystem
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Messed Lion partitions while in Windows 7

#1 Post by NeverAgain »

I've done a quite stupid thing this evening.
Recently I intalled Windows 7 using Boot Camp assistant on my 24' iMac. Everything was great until I had the idea that I need to shrink/partition my C:/ drive.
I opened the disk management tool in windows 7, shrinked C:/ but then when I was trying to create the new partition from the newly created unallocated space I had an error (unfortunately I can't remember what it was saying). I clicked cancel button, but the when I went back to the disk management tools, the partitions G:/ and H:/ were converted to "Simple volume", the type was "Dynamic" and the file system was "Raw". Before, these were the partitions where my Lion and Lion recovery were ...
Obviously, when restarting, I didn't get the option to boot into Lion not into the recovery partition, the only choice I get is Windows ...

Does someone know if it would be possible to restore my disk0 from dynamic to basic and my OS X partitions from raw to HFS+ without loosing all the infos on them ? (to restore the settings to the previous ones so that I can boot again in my Lion OS ? )
I feel like testdisk is the right tool to help me but my limited knowledge prevents me from solving my problem and I would rather not try-and-see-what-happens anymore (my last experiments did not turn out that well, as you can see :) )
Thanks for your help ...

Thanks ...

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Re: Messed Lion partitions while in Windows 7

#2 Post by remy »

Please give feedback of scans steps in testdisk (analyse, quicksearch, deepersearch), choosing GPT table if not automaticaly detected.

Do not use "Write", it's only a first-step diagnostic.