Overwrite with same filename

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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Overwrite with same filename

#1 Post by faizal »


I have tried to recover my picture that is very important but fail. I am using Nikon, I have format the SD card and overwrite with new pictures. As Nikon automatically name each picture, so the new batch of file are identical with the one that is overwritten. When I tried to recover I manage to recover only the one that nikon has not yet use the same file name. I am confident the picture is still there but recovery software fail to get them as the one I tried to recover is the same file name with the file overwritten in the card.

Please help, as this picture is very important.
You help is highly appreciated, Thank you.

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Re: Overwrite with same filename

#2 Post by Fiona »

I have format the SD card and overwrite with new pictures.
Overridden files are not recoverable.
If your sd card already contain some photos, you can use photorec and scan free space only (not whole space).
What kind of file extension did you use?
Jpg or RAW format like nef?
You can use photorec / FileOpt and pressing s to deselect all file types and mark only these file types where you'd like to recover.
In some cases, file types are packed into file families.
If your recovered files have not the correct extension, you should rename it, to the correct extension and test it.

It's something to try first.