Quite Long Deep Search, lots of read errors

Using TestDisk to repair the filesystem
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Quite Long Deep Search, lots of read errors

#1 Post by avellanedam »


I have a hard disk Hitachi Deskstar with a capacity of 250 GB with two partitions that got damaged without any notice a month ago. I found about Testdisk on the web as a program that would help me to recover the "lost" archives and to make it "functional" again. I have applied a deep scan of it and it hasn't ended in one week long, getting lots of read errors. I can't attach a log file, since I would need to stop the process and I don't want to loose the week it has been processing. Is it normal that the Deep Scan takes that long? Am I hopeless about recovering my precious files? Any advice would do. Thanks in advance for your response.

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Re: Quite Long Deep Search, lots of read errors

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It's not normal that it takes so long.
Read errors can cause that windows and testdisk hang.
Might be possible that your disk is physically defective?
If you already have a lot of read errors, perhaps bad sectors, you shouldn't stress your disk as much.
You should run the diagnosis tool from Hitachi, like drive fitness tool, first.
You can also check your disk using cfrystaldiskinfo or smartmontools.
http://crystalmark.info/software/Crysta ... dex-e.html
If you'd like to use crystal disk info, please download the portable version, because the executable (windows installer) contains adware open candy!

You should consider to clone your disk or to create an image to work with.

Is your partition still available in your partition table and correct? (testdisk / Analyse and current partition strucure).
Did TestDisk display/find any partition and did you try to list your data?