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How to rebuild an encryped disk to unencrypted

Posted: 27 Jul 2014, 22:30
by jlaarts
By updating my Ubuntu I stupidly enough answered "yes" tot encrypt my disk.

Ubuntu then encrypted all of my 500 Gigabyte disk. Not just the original 50 Gigabyte of Linux but also the 450 Gigabyte or so of valuable data, which were - if I remember well - just on an NTFS partition. These data are now lost. So I want to undo the whole operation and try to get my data back.

My question is what to start with ? After three days I have not recovered anything (just lot and lots of "elf" files containing nothing) ? Definitely file undelete from within the encrypted disk (I choose a simple password, so, yes, I can get to it) did not help.

I guess: it should be possible to repair the disk structure. But how to do that ? The disk now thinks it is overall Linux which it should not be (just 50 Gigabyte would be fine). Is it possible to rebuild the original disk structure even after it has been encrypted.? What is my start ?

Any hints very much appreciated.