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Help - Photorec Stuck On The Same File for 8 Hours

Posted: 28 Jul 2014, 07:01
by v1cky
:cry: :cry: Hi there,

After having 2 separate hard drives fail on me this weekend, I am attempting data recovery from my WD 1TB External Hard Drive using Photorec.

Things were doing pretty well and when I left for work this morning, 34,804 files (around 100GB of 750GB that was on the disc) had been recovered overnight. However, I was dismayed to find when I got back just a few moments ago that it has not recovered another file since then. The sectors scanned is increasing and the time to completion is going down (66 hours left), but I am very concerned that it might be stuck as it hasn't located any more files. All the drives are plugged in and powered up as they should be.

Can somebody advise whether I just need to be patient or whether the program might need to be restarted? I am not massively technical and I am so worried that I am going to lose family photos etc that are so precious to me.

Many thanks, Vicky