DD mess! NTFS seen but not there

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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DD mess! NTFS seen but not there

#1 Post by dentman » 26 Aug 2014, 21:08

I was trying to save time using DD to copy a thumbdrive to 4TB backup disk and inadvertently overwrote a 32gb thumbdrive over 2TB drive!
I've run testdisk and Photorec and they can recover the files in 300 hours! And in a million folders. This seems pointless since the files are clearly still there. I've tried fixing the drive but it runs for hours and doesn't fix it. I know not technical enough. I ran a program that said it could see the old 2TB drive but I couldn't mount it and use it.

Is there a tutorial that I can follow? Am I correct that if the files can be recovered I should be able to repair the NTFS and mount it?


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