Recovering Multiple partitions! from formated hdd,ntfs files

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Recovering Multiple partitions! from formated hdd,ntfs files

#1 Post by ssmantri » 28 Sep 2014, 22:05

My 640 GB hd was deleted when installing an custom centos and it did not give me any option to confirm, nor any warning and directly formated the partition in the hard disk, they were ntfs file system and then it was formatted into a linux partition of centos.

so using testdisk i was able to see the following files. and i have uploaded a few images as well kindly go through them.

now i purchased an additional new 1TB hard disk to recover the data and copy the image/or entire hdd to this new 1Tb hdd, So i want to know how can i create an image of the old disk,,,

1 * HPFS - NTFS 4053 0 1 8105 254 63 65111445
2 P HPFS - NTFS 8106 0 1 12159 254 63 65127510
3 E extended LBA 12160 0 1 77824 254 63 1054908225
5 L HPFS - NTFS 12160 1 1 24319 254 63 195350337 [DRV3_VOL2_songs]
6 L HPFS - NTFS 24320 1 1 36479 254 63 195350337 [DRV3_VOL3_APPS & GAMES]
7 L HPFS - NTFS 36480 1 1 48639 254 63 195350337 [DRV3_VOL4_general]
8 L HPFS - NTFS 48640 1 1 72953 254 63 390604347 [DRV3_VOL5_MOVIES]
9 L HPFS - NTFS 72954 1 1 77824 254 63 78252552 [DRV3_VOL6_DOCUMENTS]

Test disk has managed to identify my partitions, by using the analyse option, and below it gives the options to
[Quit ] [Deeper Search] [Write], if i select the write option will it restore the file partition and files without any errors,

partition table ntfs.png
ntfs file system shown in ANALYSE option, will it recreate the entire hdd partition files system in the write option? and is it safe ?
partition table ntfs.png (68.38 KiB) Viewed 2019 times
image creation.png
i want to create an image/take back up of the formatted hard disk and the file system was ntfs but it shows as linux partition it was formatted in, now it shows 3 partitions ! how can i recover my image in this scenario ??
image creation.png (42.95 KiB) Viewed 2019 times

To be safe i want to create a image of the formated hard disk and copy it in my new 1tb hdd where this linux os installed and even if i place the image in home folder it can fit that image easily as i have installed the new ubuntu installation in this 1tb hd just for file recovery.....

so as u can see from the screen shot when i go to the advance, i get the to see the partition but this time it show linux partition instead of the ntfs paritions shown earlier when the analyse option was selected can anyone clarify what this will do ? if i select the option to [image creation]? and why isnt it showing me ntfs partitions hwere ?? i had also tried to chanage the Type of partition type to hpfs - ntfs, but even after changing the parition type i still see the linux partitions how do i create the image partition of ntfs partitions as a safety measure !

plz help.. your help will be highly appreciated! thanks in advance ! :)

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Re: Recovering Multiple partitions! from formated hdd,ntfs f

#2 Post by Fiona » 30 Sep 2014, 10:12

In TestDisk, the menu Advanced only works with your current partition table.
Only these partition are listed.
That's why it's recommended to run Analyse.
If partitions are found you can mark them and press p to have a try to list your files.
You'd be able either to copy your files or write your found partitions back into your partition table.
Please repeat your diagnose and copy the content of your testdisk.log into your next post.
You'll find your testdisk.log within the testdisk folder
Have a try to list your files.
I don't recommend to recover partitions with a damaged file system.


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