Drive full, cleared space, now no new files are appearing.

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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Drive full, cleared space, now no new files are appearing.

#1 Post by jackw92 »

Hello, I am attempting to recover old photos and videos from an old macbook hard drive on my windows computer. Everything has been going smoothly, however about 3/4 of the way through my C: drive appeared to be full from having recovered so many files. I went into the folder where photorec was recovering my files and deleted Recup.dir1-recup.dir297. I selected the same path for my files to be recovered and continued the process from where it left off. However now photorec continues to identify files but no new recup.dir files have been made and no new files are appearing. It seems to be still adding files to my C; drive as over time it becomes more full. So where are the files going? I cant seem to find them with the search function or by seeking them out manually.

Would deleting the previous recup.dir folders interfere with the recovery process? (did i screw everything up)

If so is there a way to restart the process from a given point?