Dead SD card... again?

Using TestDisk to repair the filesystem
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Dead SD card... again?

#1 Post by KoroKoro »

Hi guys,

I have a old 16GB Sandisk Extreme SD card that I bought from Japan, and it seems like has finally died... maybe?

I have tried all of the basic formatting tools, chkdsk, diskpart etc etc. It seems like maybe I am making the most progress with testdisk though.

I'm not so interested in data recovery, but more in saving the card itself.

From what I can see, the disk geometry is stuffed. Mainly with the number of cylinders. Now it thinks its 1.3TB and testdisk shows about 17k cylinders. When I changed this to 1953, it went back down to 16GB... but I can't seem to make that stick.

I have noticed that when its doing its search, it is showing that it is having read errors. Its getting late here now, but on the last test, it was getting read errors on every cylinder. I'll have a play around tomorrow...

Any help would be much appreciated :)