RAID 5 Lost ID...?

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RAID 5 Lost ID...?

#1 Post by Ferret »

Hello, all...
New here...sorry if I have missed something in the Search...but the Forum is *huge*...

I have a GigaByte GA-Z97X-UD3H MB, with the Intel Option ROM RAID controller.

I was upgrading my existing RAID-5 with 3-500MB drives, to 3-3TB drives, one-at-a-time.
(Nothing worked right, until I DLed the Intel RAID Software Program...then each new Drive I installed updated fine.)
Everything was working *great*...until I installed the last (3 TB) drive; at which point my system said: "F*CK EWE!"
Apparently, I lost the RAID ID (the Individual Drives (new) still identify as RAID drives...but at the top of the RAID Controller information screen, the RAID IDs [1, and 1:1] are all "zeroed-out".)

I have tried various combinations of the Original Drives, and New Drives...all with no help (apparently...I also had one (old) drive have a meltdown at some is no longer recognized.)

I am *desperately* hoping that this program can help me.......and I do *NOT* want to screw this up...I have 800 GB of data that I *really* don't want to lose!

Can anyone *PLEASE* give me a step-by-step process....if it's possible at all?

Thanks in advance!!!