Some of my videos only show up as jpegs

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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Some of my videos only show up as jpegs

#1 Post by Domi » 29 Apr 2012, 07:54

I used photorec to try to recover vacation pics and videos from my cameras memory card that had been erased. I had used the camera several times since erasing and after running photorec the videos I want are only showing up as jpegs. Does this mean that I can no longer retrieve the videos? is there a deeper scan I can use? or anything else that I can do to recover the lost videos?
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Re: Some of my videos only show up as jpegs

#2 Post by remy » 01 May 2012, 17:21

perhaps your videos were encoded as MJPEG, so, they are a chain of jpegs... perhaps you may be able to use some encoding tools to recompute a video with all your pics ?

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