Help with Recovery of Windows Partition on RAID 0 Drives

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Help with Recovery of Windows Partition on RAID 0 Drives

#1 Post by DrexelDragon » 09 Nov 2014, 23:32

Hello everyone,

I was hoping you could provide me some assistance recovering my RAID 0 array using TestDisk. The array consists of two Samsung 840 EVOs. I was able to successfully fix my other RAID 0 array of two Seagate Barracudas (they were just for storage of downloads and applications) but I am having trouble with the Samsung drives.

This is where I currently am. Why is it picking up so more than one partition? To my knowledge I only had one partition and that had the Windows install on it. I wrote these partition structures to disk and I came up with the H: drive as shown below but I can't access it. When I try doing a deeper search it took about 5 hours and it glitched out at the end while showing all kinds of partitions and errors. I'd rather not have to do that again.

Any ideas? Thanks so much.



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