Trying to recover over 1TB of data

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Trying to recover over 1TB of data

#1 Post by Wormvortex »

Had a load of videos, pictures and music on a naw drive which died on me. Connected the disk directly by sata and the drive looked like my attached image. However I acciedently destroyed the whole partition table as I stupidly thought I was wiping another drive so I ended up with an empty 3TB drive.

I've run test disk which under analyse found nothing but the empty partition and two 2GB raid partitions so I've now done a deeper search and so far it is running but there are literally hundreds of lines showing msdata as well as so random other lines every now and again as shown in the other attachment.

Is this what it should look like? And assuming it does what am I actually looking for?
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Re: Trying to recover over 1TB of data

#2 Post by Fiona »

Can you copy and paste the content of your testdisk.log?
You'll find it within your testdisk folder and you can use a wordprocessor like Wordpad to open it and copy and paste the content into your next post.