Partition encrypted with VeraCrypt not recognised

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Partition encrypted with VeraCrypt not recognised

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I'm coming from this Topic: ... t4460.html

In which I had a damaged MBR, which I was able to recover.

Unfortunately the last Partition on the drive I am trying to recover is a Partition encrypted with veraCrypt.

The Partition Layout is as follws:

500 GB SATA Harddisk:

1. Primary partition: 70 GB NTFS
2. 50 GB Logical NTFS
3. 50 GB Logical FAT 32
4. Remainig Space is a VeraCrypt encrypted Partition.

Following the instructions on the Mnaual page of testDisk,

I was able to find and recover the first 3 Partitions, but the last partition, the encrypted one, was newer recognised by TestDisk.

Under Windows, this space is shown as "Free" under disk management and no Drive letter is given. WIndows only allows me to create a Partition on this space and then assign a drive letter.

Therefore, also the solution listed here: ... ypt_Volume

Is not possible for me, because:

1. it refers to TrueCrypt and not veraCrypt,

2. I'm not able to assign a drive letter and therefore can not restore the Volume header.

3. The TestCrypt utility supports truecrypt and not VeraCrypt. In the past I have used TestCrypt successfully on TrueCrypt Volumes in cases like these where I was unable to assign a drive letter to a encrypted Partition.

Anyone can help me in this situation?

How can I access the Partition again?

I have the correct password and a Volume Header Backup of the encrypted Partition, but no Drive Letter to run my recovery.

How can I restore this Partition again access it with VeraCrypt? And is there a tool like TestCrypt for VeraCrypt Partitions?