Change recovered file types mid-recovery?

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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Change recovered file types mid-recovery?

#1 Post by bishop083 »

I am a novice photorec user, and I have a potentially dumb question. Is it possible to change what file types photorec is trying to recover mid-recovery?

For the record, I know I cannot do it while the program is running. On the other had, I know that photorec is supposed to ask me if I wish to resume recovery should I interrupt the program. What I want to do is stop PhotoRec, change the file recovery to just save my excel files, and then resume the recovery process again to try and save the rest of the drive. Does that work, or would I be better off just letting the program run to completion? I would experiment and see if it can, but it is already in the middle of recovering my flash drive, and I don't want to interrupt it if there is no point.

There are a small handful of excel files on the flash drive, and there are 3 that I am trying to recover. I would not mind being able to recover everything that is on the drive, but the only files I actively need at the moment are those excel files. Thanks in advance for any information you can provide!